Vision/Mission/Objective/What Have You

My goal on every project is informed by the example set by my hero Jim Henson:
To create (whether as part of a close-knit team or on my own) something that grabs people’s attention, appeals to their senses and makes their experience brighter.

How to Contact Me

Jeffrey Hentosz

Fun Facts About Me

  • As a newspaper reporter, I once interviewed the star of a Top 20 television show in a supply closet.
  • My original art is on permanent display in a major museum. Okay, so it's a natural history museum. And the art is a looping animation of a glacier advancing and receding, and a rendering of the interior strata of a large rock. And none of it is signed or credited to me. But still.
  • I was a contestant on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in its original run, but missed going to the Hot Seat with Regis because I didn't know how tall soap star Susan Lucci is.

Mundane Facts About Me

  • I am a graphic designer and writer based in Columbus, Ohio.
  • I have prevailed against nearly every ink-on-paper challenge laid before me: book covers and interiors, annual reports, POP signage, newsletters, training materials, direct mail, trade show graphics — you name it. The less said about the one thing at the one place that one time, however, the better.
  • I spent six years in the late ’80s and early ’90s working as a reporter and editor for weekly newspapers around northeast Ohio. Ultimately, designing pages won out over filling them with words.
  • I am unafraid of production work and have a reputation as someone who can jump into almost any situation and get a job done, whether it's filling in for a vacationing staffer, or cleaning up after a job has "gotten away from" a less experienced artist.

Worrying Fact About Me

  • I get agitated over superfluous apostrophes, double spaces after periods and faulty use of members of the dash family. Be assured, however, that your position on the serial comma is my position on the serial comma.